Improve your vocabulary

I’ve just posted information about my favourite dictionary tool for language learners. It is the one I used to get over my problem with learning AND REMEMBERING Greek vocabulary and it works very well for any language learner whatever their first language and whatever language they are learning. It is also perfect for dyslexics as you can make the dictionary large and brightly coloured. The testing and slideshow features are brilliant. It is easily the best dictionary for people learning English or trying to improve their spelling that I have ever seen. You can choose from a very large variety of different dictionaries (including English/English)  to suit your own needs.

When you are reading something on the web or on your computer and you need to know a word simply highlight it and press Ctrl-Ins-Ins on your keyboard and the dictionary will pop-up with the word you need – much much easier than having to look something up in a book or find a particular website and paste the word in.

To find out how to get Pop-up Dictionary go to the new page here:

or click the Vocabulary link at the top of this page.


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