Practice makes Perfect

Most people who fail English exams do so because they make a lot of basic mistakes. Nowadays many students speak and understand English really quite well for everyday use but not well enough to pass exams. They keep on studying the more difficult parts of their course but end up losing marks for mistakes with things like articles, prepositions, linking words and verbs.

For a long time now I have been creating lessons for my students which focus on the most common mistakes and give people enough resources to sit down at their computer for a few hours and finally fix their problems and break their bad habits. I am gradually collecting these resources here on this blog both for my own students and anyone else who needs to improve their English score.

If you are having a problem understanding anything here use the best desktop dictionary to quickly find any word you select. Get a free download of PopUp Dictionary

I’ve added Resource Pages on Listening, Prepositions, Vocabulary, Linking Words and Gerunds and Infinitives so far. There is also a new page to work through to solve your problems with writing.

My own students have tried out all these resources and found them fast, effective and also good fun. We see very good results when they work with these lessons. They stop spoiling their work with little mistakes they really don’t need to make and we are able to spend our lessons doing much more interesting things to improve understanding and performance in tests as well as increasing people’s confidence and accuracy in Speaking and Writing.

I can’t say it enough times! When it comes to the basics of language THE ONLY WAY TO REALLY IMPROVE IS TO TAKE THE TIME TO PRACTICE BASIC SKILLS until you can get them right without thinking about it. That is not the most exciting message I know but I hope that these pages will make it easier and less boring for you to get down to this important job!


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