Michigan ECCE Writing Exam

I am working on some tutorials to help people with the Michigan ECCE Writing Exam. It seems to be very difficult to find useful materials online for this exam and the books are very expensive and don’t really give much help (in my opinion).

I want to collect as many examples of Michigan ECCE Writing Tasks as I can. Can anyone help me by sending me examples they have? Use the comments section if you have a topic and can copy them in. If you want to scan the pages and send them to me send me an email .

Over the past year I have been teaching IELTS to students online and I have found there is much more help available to help students to learn the formal language required. I want to create materials for ECCE like the ones I have used for IELTS. It’s quite a big job but someone needs to do it! Any help with this will be much appreciated!


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