Vocabulary for Topics

I’ve added a page for Topic Vocabulary. All the important English examinations are based on studying topics. I hope it will help you to prepare for lessons and homework quickly and easily. Most people find working with these nice interactive quizzes less boring and more effective than learning lists in a book.

One of my students biggest complaints is that they can’t think of anything to write when they are given a composition (a piece of writing) to do. If you do some vocabulary work you should start to get some ideas.

Interactive quizzes like these are very helpful for dyslexic students. If you are dyslexic it is quite possible that you are an audial learner (you learn better with your ears than you do with your eyes). Many of my students who have a problem with spelling are talented musicians. If this sounds like you then it is very important that you say words out loud as you learn them. Don’t just say the word but spell it out loud too: B-E-L-I-E-V-E.

Try it. You will probably discover that you remember words better. And you don’t have to be dyslexic to do this. It works for everyone.

If you are a musical person you can even try singing the words. You had better warn the family or they will think you have gone mad!

Here’s the link to the new page:



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