“BE” Excellent, “DO” Better, “HAVE” Success!

How well do you know the very “BE”? Or “DO” or “HAVE”. These are the 3 most basic verbs in the English language and over the years I have come to believe that they are also the cause of many people’s problems with the language.

Students THINK they know them but when it comes to working with Questions and Negative forms or recognising whether the verb is a main verb or auxiliary they get very confused.

The verb “BE” is THE MOST IRREGULAR VERB IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Many people just don’t realise this and have never looked at the differences between BE and other verbs. (Some people don’t even realise that when I say “BE” I am talking about the verb that goes “I am, you are, he is etc”

So even if you are an advanced student please try and do my Verb “To Be” tutorial.


Believe me when I tell you that this will be time well spent!

I’ve also added a page with the whole verb “To Be” conjugated because I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Internet.

Go on!! You know I’m right!

Cats Can’t Spell and Have Terrible Grammar


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