“Quotation Marks”

I found a very useful resource on Quotation Marks (“” ”) this morning. It’s a good example though of a wonderful piece of information about English which is too long and complicated unless you already speak and read excellent English (it would put me to sleep if it was written in Greek!). I think this is a very common problem often found in books.

There is an answer to this problem though and it is one which works especially well with online exercises and quizzes – go right ahead and try the exercises even if you don’t understand the explanation. Maybe you will get lots of the questions wrong the first time but it is easy to see the answers and start the exercise again. Do you know what? This may even be a better way to learn how a grammar problem REALLY WORKS than reading the long explanation. However, once you have done this you might find that if you try to read the explanation again you understand it this time.

Here’s the long explanation.


And here are the exercises:


Of course, there is another solution if you have to read something long and complicated in English. Use Pop-Up Dictionary:


If you are having a problem understanding anything here use PopUp Dictionary the best desktop dictionary to quickly find any word you select. Get a free download of PopUp Dictionary



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