Become Unconfused

When I meet a new student I usually ask them what they think their biggest problem is. Spelling is definitely one of the top 5 – for Native English Speakers let alone ESL students! Obviously the answer is to work at the problem but what to do? Part of the point of this blog is to provide people with tasks that they can sit down to for an hour or more and really feel they are doing something that actually does improve their English.

I found a great set of pages about confusable words for anyone who needs to work with words.  All Advanced students should try this as what you will see is a comprehensive list of exactly the kind of words that examiners love to put in CPE, ECPE and IELTS papers.

Also if you are working with a great vocabulary tool like Pop-up Dictionary or Ultimate Vocabulary this is just the kind of job which will provide you with a wonderful set of words to work on through the week.

Here are the links to the Confusable Words lessons and quizzes:

Start here:

Then go here to look at the Notorious Confusable (Part 1)words in context and in some cases hear them spoken:

and here for Part 2:

There are great quizzes at the bottom of the pages of Parts 1 and 2.

This is a very satisfying tutorial for anyone who worries about vocabulary and spelling. The words are both interesting and useful – and they are definitely often seen in exams!


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