Daily Words 1

There are around a million words in the English Language – which ones should you learn if you are trying to succeed in CPE or IELTS for instance? [ETA – Apparently there are not “millions” of English words as I had originally recklessly posted here – as someone pointed out to me in a very rudely worded comment! The number is currently estimated at around 1 million and academics get into fights about the actual amount and what should be included  from what I can gather looking at various web pages. ]

Anyway, however many there are (how does “lots” sound to you?)  if you are hoping to gain necessary qualifications in English Language you’ve got a big job on your hand to learn the words you need to succeed. I’ve got a fantastic list of words that frequently appear in Advanced exams (as well as Lower Level). I’ll post 10 – 15 as often as I can. Subscribe to this blog to make sure you get a reminder.

This is an ideal opportunity to use your Pop-up Dictionary and Ultimate Vocabulary tools.

If English is your first language but you are dyslexic or need to work on your spelling this is a perfect task for you too.

Here’s today’s list:

concept n. ~ idea underlying sth; general notion

enable v. make able to do sth by giving him the necessary authority or means

flexible adj. that can bend easily without breaking

vehicle n. conveyance such as a car, lorry or cart used for transporting goods or passengers on land

abstract adj. existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or practical existence

assume v. accept as true before there is proof

colleague n. person with whom one works, esp in a profession or business

comment n. ~ written or spoken remark giving an opinion on, explaining or criticizing (an event, a person, a situation, etc)

consequent adj. ~ (fml ) following sth as a result or an effect

index n. list of names or topics referred to in a book, etc, usu arranged at the end in alphabetical order

modify v. change (sth) slightly, esp to make it less extreme or to improve it

participate v. ~ take part or become involved (in an activity)

restrain v. ~ sb/sth, hold back sb/sth from movement or action; keep sb/sth under control or in check

submit v. ~ (to sb/sth) accept the control, superior strength, etc (of sb/sth); yield (to sb/sth)

Read more about Pop-up Dictionary and Ultimate Vocabulary here

Use the features in Ultimate Vocabulary to look for synonyms – it’s a very important part of your English studies that people often forget to concentrate on.

Have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “Daily Words 1

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to teach my partner some basic English. I am not a teacher and need some basic English for a Greek beginner (exercises, topics etc) Can you help me out here?


  2. Hi Maureen, I know a great site:

    There’s a perfect little course for getting someone started there.
    If you use the links on my various grammar pages you will find that many of them lead to sites which also have a huge variety of resources – a4esl, ego4u, go and check out ‘All the Grammar You Will Ever Need’ and you will find plenty. But that link I have given you is my choice for a complete beginner and you should find it easy to help him thru.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Hi,

    I am trying to teach my self basic English. I am very bad in english speeking need some basic English for a Greek beginner (exercises, topics etc) Can you help me out here?

  4. Raj, Here is the best site I know for working on basic English


    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply – too much work to do so I don’t get much time for this blog unfortunately.

    I think anyone who wants to start working on improving their English is very wise to start with a basic course and make sure they are confident with all the simple things – even if you think you already know them. Then you can use all the different resources on this site to improve. Good Luck.

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