Daily Words 2

Here is today’s selection of Daily Words that are essential for all advanced students preparing for Michigan ECCE, Cambridge IELTS, CPE or CAE or any other English examinations. To be honest they are not exciting words but they are exactly the words that you find in the exam papers again and again (and my students and I have proved this to be true) . I’m trying to put some here every day.

assure v. tell (sb) positively or confidently\

compound n. thing made up of two or more separate things combined together

identify v. ~ sb/sth as sb/sth show, prove, etc who or what sb/sth is; recognize sb/sth (as being the specified person or thing)

induce v. persuade or influence (sb) to do sth

involve v. make necessary as a condition or result; entail

successor n. ~ person or thing that comes after and takes the place of (sb/sth)

valid adj. legally effective because made or done with the correct formalities

available adj. that can be used or obtained

conform v. ~ keep to or comply with (generally accepted rules, standards, etc)

credit n. permission to delay payment for goods and services until after they have been received; system of paying in this way

illustrate v. supply with pictures, diagrams, etc

perceive v. become aware of (sb/sth); notice; observe

subsequent adj. later; following

vary v. ~ (in sth) be different in size, volume, strength, etc

automate v. cause to operate by automation

Use your vocabulary tools to make the best of this task. Read more about Pop-up Dictionary and Ultimate Vocabulary here

Use the features in Ultimate Vocabulary to look for synonyms – it’s a very important part of your English studies that people often forget to concentrate on.

Have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “Daily Words 2

  1. a very excellent tool for learner of english.i really enjoyed because the use of words is very simple to understand

    • Thank you. I want to give direct help but it wouldn’t be much good if only people who already have very advanced English could understand. I hope it is better than that. But at least teachers can find things to help people with.

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