Topics and Issues for ECCE – More Rubbish!

The Michigan ECCE Writing Exam (like all the other English exams) often asks students to make suggestions or offer opinions on topical or social issues like the environment or safety. Many students find it difficult to come up with good ideas. One useful idea is to suggest an advertising campaign to raise awareness of the issue and influence people to do the right thing.

Whilst researching something today I came across a UK advertising agency’s website showing their campaign to persuade the people of Wales to do more to reduce the impact of waste (rubbish/garbage) on their environment.  Have a look: it is a perfect example of the kind of campaign you could recommend and a good demonstration of the vocabulary you might use to do it:

You can read about the instructions the agency (Golley Slater) was given and what they did about it. You can also see the excellent little film they made as a  TV commercial by clicking on the little camera icon.

Here is some useful vocabulary to learn from their case study:

to fund      awareness     reduce     reuse     recycle     landfill     waste     Local Government     conscious     strategy     TV and Radio Campaign    

The word “brief” is used to mean instructions given to the ad agency.

Use Pop-up Dictionary and Ultimate Vocabulary to help you make sure you know what the words mean and to learn them.  Find out how to get those tools by clicking the link.


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