Daily Words 4

Here we are – the Daily Words List for today

monitor n. device used to observe, record or test sth

phenomenon n. fact or occurrence, esp in nature or society, that can be perceived by the senses

pose v. ~ (for sb) sit or stand in a particular position in order to be painted, drawn or photographed

revise v. re-examine (sth), esp in order to correct or improve it

source n. starting-point of a river

margin n. blank space round the written or printed matter on a page

precede v. come or go before in time, order, rank, etc

attribute v. ~ sth to sb/sth regard sth as belonging to, caused by or produced by sb/sth

domestic adj. of the home, household or family

file n. metal tool with a rough surface for cutting, smoothing or shaping hard substances

function n. special activity or purpose of a person or thing

Use your vocabulary tools to make the best of this task. Read more about Pop-up Dictionary and Ultimate Vocabulary and download them here

Pop-up is perfect for translating words into your own language, Ultimate Vocabulary a very enjoyable full-featured tool for learning and creating your own tests and vocabulary lessons.

This list only gives one meaning and form each for these words. What other meanings can you find? Try using The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online to investigate more: http://www.ldoceonline.com/

Also, look at the word “attribute”. Its verbal form is given. When it is a noun it is pronounced slightly differently with the emphasis on the first instead of the second syllable.

More tomorrow, have fun!


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