Daily Words 5

Here is today’s list of words for Advanced Students. I have created a page called Daily Words

You can find all the previous Daily Words posts collected there together with advice on how to make sure you learn enough of the right vocabulary for your CPE, ECPE, TOEFL or IELTS exam.

append            v. ~ sth (fml ) attach or add sth (esp in writing)

tense             adj.  stretched tightly; taut ;

capable           adj.  having ability; able; competent

chapter           n.  (usu numbered) division of a book

contradict        v.  say sth that conflicts with by (sb), suggesting that the person is mistaken or not telling the truth

guideline         a principle put forward to set standards or determine a course of actio

ministry          n.  (buildings containing a) government department

refine            v.  remove impurities from (sth); purify

access            n.  ~ means of approaching or entering (a place); way in

corporate         adj.  of or shared by all the members of a group; collective

correspond        v.  ~ be in agreement; not contradict sth or each other

emerge            v. ~  come out or up (from water, etc)

goal              n.  (in football, hockey, etc) pair of posts with a crossbar, between which the ball has to be kicked, hit, etc in order to score


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