Daily Words 6 – Special Edition

Today’s Daily Words is a special selection to help you work with the excellent resource for studying the Environment and ESL topics based on the problems associated with it to be found at


Climate Change


Viable alternative


to threaten



Think Globally, Act Locally




Read and study the Active Remedy website and you will be ready for any lesson or exam topic associated with the Environment or Global Warming. You will no longer be depressed when your teacher or examiner asks you to write or talk about solutions to the biggest problem in the world! And if your composition topic is about a person who inspires you it is possible you might find that the authors of the website make very good subjects!

A link to this post will be stored on the Daily Words page for easy future reference. You will also find information there about the best dictionary and vocabulary learning tools to help you learn and remember the words you need for your exam.


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