Writing about Environmental Problems

We are often asked to talk and write about issues like Hunger and our planet’s environmental problems as part of our English studies and to offer solutions. Hah! I have been known to get very cross about this kind of composition. How can examiners expect teenagers to write solutions to problems which some of the world’s greatest leaders, activists and thinkers have devoted their lives to with little more than passing success – and in a second language? It’s a great idea to use language classes to make sure that more people are aware of the problems but a bit unfair to expect them to solve them! We are all worried about what is occurring but many of us feel completely powerless to do much more than take our bottles to the bottle bank. It doesn’t feel like enough and it probably isn’t. Here is some REAL help however!

//www.activeremedy.org.uk //www.activeremedy.org.uk

If you have an essay to write or a class to teach about the environment please may I direct you to a fantastic website created by two very dear and unique friends of mine in India, a mother and daughter team called Stella and Tara Joy. Stella and Tara live and work in India researching real solutions to deforestation caused by climate change.

Their organisation is called Active Remedy and their approach and ideas are different and unique. Also you will find that their wonderful website


is beautifully written and offers a clear and straightforward explanation of the problems as well as some really amazing ideas for their solution involving the establishment of Sacred Groves. You probably haven’t come across something like this before. I cannot think of a more effective or valuable way to make sure you are ready with vocabulary and ideas to impress – and possibly educate – your classmates, teachers and examiners with a powerful piece on the environment. You will also enjoy the wonderful photographs.

I’ve also created a special Daily Words post with vocabulary to help you through the site (and with any environment-based ESL task)


Stella and Tara write:

This is a token of Hope and Inspiration to offer to all of you people out there who also feel overwhelmed by the immense pressure that the modern world and Humanity are placing upon Nature.

Often it feels like there is just so much suffering in the world and that nearly anything that one does, will create even more. People soon stop listening or facing the problems at hand and so the problems get worse.

However what many people fail to realize is that this choice to ignore the cause and effect of ones actions, actually keeps the whole cycle going on and on. It is understandable that this happens because so often people are told that the catastrophic problems, which are happening, they are a part of creating.

However they are not also given solutions with which they can really make a difference and not become the cause of yet further problems.

We really do live on one Earth, where weather systems and environmental conditions thousands of miles away from home affect us all.

We still have a chance of success if we act soon and join together………. Working together it is possible that we can make enormous differences.


Reading a site like Active Remedy is much easier if you have good dictionary tools to look up and store words you need to learn. Go to this page to find the best.


5 thoughts on “Writing about Environmental Problems

  1. Hi Unnikuttan, thanks for your very good question.
    Personally I think it has to be a bit of both. Without legislation major companies will not, or maybe cannot change. If they are going to spend the money or reduce their operations in order to limit the damage they do to the environment they need governments across the world to make sure that their competitors have to do the same thing.

    The biggest part of the problem is large companies but there is no-one on Planet Earth today who can ignore this situation. Everyone has to do something and keep doing it.

    What does anyone else think? I will see if I can find Stella or Tara from Active Remedy to answer this question. They are in a remote area though and only come to the Internet cafe once a week I think.

  2. Hello
    I think that Gina has answered this question very well.
    The Worlds’ governments have understood much of the problems with Earths environments for many years. Much was looked at during Earth Summits since 1992 and yet so little has been done.
    Therefore I felt it was up to individuals and groups of ordinary people to try and do something about it while we still had a chance for life on Earth to continue.
    So caring about my family and my friends families I took action with my daughter and came to the Himalayas to do the research and see what remedy is possible.
    Our web site shows a lot of our findings.
    More can be shared through direct contact.
    Please write if interested. I’d love to hear from you all.

  3. For the last 5 years we have been researching
    “A Cure For Global Warming”
    Here is a flickr connection for a presentation of our findings in an Exhibition format.
    Please check send and show to as many others as you can think of and maybe we’ll succeed.


    Yours Truly
    Tara and Stella Joy

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