Daily Words 7

Here are the words for today. You know I just had a look at the list and it sure isn’t easy to put pictures to words like this but they are nonetheless the ones you need for advanced exams. I’ve seen quite a few in ECCE and FCE papers too. You have to think about the concept, make up a sentence in your mind that you can actually imagine yourself using. I guess that is one of the definitions of what it means to achieve an advanced level in a language. Your vocabulary has to expand past the point of everyday to a level where you can use the second language to discuss abstract, scientific or intellectual matters. A lot of words in this sort of list are essential for talking about business, political or social matters too. They are not easy to learn. It is said it takes 8 separate experiences of a new word for a person to really remember it to the point where they will comfortably and spontaneously use it which is why I recommend the use of dictionary testing and vocabulary learning tools EVERY DAY at this level – because I know that not much else works! For information about the best dictionaries and links to download free versions go here to Daily Words where you will also find the archives on all the other Daily Words posts.

ongoing adj. continuing to exist or progress

predict v. say in advance that will happen; forecast

anticipate v. expect

commit v. do (sth illegal, wrong or foolish)

confirm v. provide evidence for the truth or correctness of (a report, an opinion, etc); establish the truth of

considerable adj. great in amount or size

evaluate v. find out or form an idea of the amount or value of (sb/sth); assess

reluctance Unwillingness.

rely v. (pt, pp relied) ~ on/upon sb/sth (to do sth) count or depend on sb/sth

sum n. arithmetical calculation

data n. facts or information used in deciding or discussing sth

liberal adj. tolerant and open-minded; free from prejudice

Don’t just try to memorise words. Using each day’s short lists take a bit of time with your dictionary tools and look for synonyms, other forms of the word and ways in which it is used in phrases and idioms. Try and find ways to use them. A little but often – practice makes perfect – slow and steady wins the race – These are all cliches but they are cliches because they are TRUE!!


4 thoughts on “Daily Words 7

    • I wish I could find time to turn these exercises into daily e-mails. Unfortunately I am working too hard and can’t afford to take time to organise it (and learn how to do it properly). One day…….

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