Daily Words 8

OK. Here are today’s words. The Daily Words lists are specially chosen for students who need to pass advanced English exams or for anyone who wants to work quickly, easily and effectively towards a better vocabulary. Most of them are words that you won’t think of learning for every day speaking or reading for pleasure but ALL of them are words which regularly appear in all the advanced exams. Learning Daily Words is also a great exercise for any native English speaker who needs to improve their spelling.

transform v. ~ sth/sb (into sth) completely change the appearance or character of sth/sb

decline v. say `no’ to (sth); refuse (sth offered), usu politely

inhibit v. ~ sb prevent sb from doing sth that should be natural or easy to do

item n. single article or unit in a list, etc

layer n. thickness of material laid over a surface or forming a horizontal division

occur v. come into being as an event or a process; happen

protocol n. system of rules governing formal occasions, eg meetings between governments, diplomats, etc; official etiquette

recover v. ~ sth find again (sth stolen, lost, etc); regain possession of sth

temporary adj. lasting or meant to last for a limited time only; notpermanent

eliminate v. ~ sb/sth remove (esp sb/sth that is not wanted or needed)

inevitable adj. that cannot be avoided; that is sure to happen

regulate v. control or direct by means of rules and restrictions

You can make increasing your vocabulary much easier and faster by using technology to help you create strong visual images of the words you are learning. You also need a daily routine.

At the homepage of Ultimate Vocabulary you can read about a fantastic strategy to speed up vocab learning and make it more effective as well as enjoyable. This is not “any old” vocabulary software. I looked at dozens when preparing this site and this one is SO much better than the rest. Download a 90-day free trial here. You won’t regret it!

I’ve learned 10 new Greek words this afternoon whilst busy with another job. I have Pop-up Dictionary on my desktop with Greek-English and English-Greek files. You can also choose from 60 other language options all of which are free to download. It’s the fastest way to get an accurate translation of any word you don’t understand into your own language and store it so that you can keep testing yourself. Download a free 21 day trial version here.


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