Daily Words 9

Oops! Missed a day! Perhaps I had better rename this Almost Daily Words……

I got busy with my artwork yesterday and was too tired to post last night. Probably something to do with the weather. There is a gale blowing here in the Greek Islands and my washing ended up all over the street today.

Anyway, here are the words of the day. You might notice that I am putting them in the post smaller so as not to take up the whole page with these word posts – would you prefer them bigger? Let me know.

trend             n.  general tendency or direction

coordinate        vt. to organize or integrate (diverse elements) in a harmonious operation

exhibit           n.  object or collection of objects displayed for the public, eg in a museum

initial           adj. of or at the beginning; first

minimise          [ minimize: ] to reduce to or estimate at the least possible degree or amount

proportion        n.  comparative part or share of a whole; fraction

adjust            v.  put (sth) into the correct order or position; arrange

confer            v.  ~ (with sb) (on/about sth) have discussions (esp in order to exchange opinions or get advice)

define            v.  ~ sth state precisely the meaning of (eg words)

estimate          n.  judgement or calculation of the approximate size, cost, value, etc of sth

ethnic            adj.  of a national, racial or tribal group that has a common cultural tradition

I don’t want to bang on too much about Pop-up Dictionary and Ultimate Vocabulary every day but they are “the business” (nice idiom that!) for making fast progress in English.

Download Ultimate Vocabulary here (Free 90 day trial) 

Download a free 21 day trial of Pop-up Dictionary here

Go to Pop-up’s home page to find the free dictionary files in your own language.

Because you can customise Pop-up Dictionary to be big and bright I also believe it is very helpful for native English speakers who have problems with spelling (It’s not just a translation dictionary, you can download an English-English file there too. Try it. Don’t forget it is very important for all word learners to say words out loud when learning. Make sure your ears are working for you as much as your eyes! This is also important when you are doing English exercises and helps a lot to correct bad habits and improve your confidence in speaking.

And of course it is also important to do a little bit every day which is what these posts are all about! Keep Going!!


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