Daily Words 11

Here are today’s words. How are you doing? If you are do you go back and test yourself on what you have already learnt? How about writing some sentences – you can post them here in the comments below each Daily Words lesson. Wouldn’t it be great if people from around the world added good examples of the use of words that they had found or made up to share with others? Don’t worry, if your English is not so great and you are shy about leaving a comment just put a note on your comment to ask me to correct it for you!

sphere n. solid figure that is entirely round (ie with every point on the surface at an equal distance from the centre)

adequate adj. ~ satisfactory in quantity or quality; sufficient

facilitate v. (of an object, a process, etc but not of a person) make (sth) easy or less difficult

impact n. hitting of one object against another

precise adj. stated clearly and accurately

preliminary adj. ~ coming before a more important action or event; preparatory

principle n. basic general truth that underlies sth

route n. way taken or planned to get from one place to another

undertake v. (fml ) (start to) make oneself responsible for (sth)

cease v. come or bring (sth) to an end; stop


All the Daily Words posts are collected together on the Daily Words page.


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