IELTS Listening Tests

Preparing for the IELTS Listening Test needs lots of practice. I had a pretty hard time finding enough for my students. In the end I found a brilliant set buried on ebay which was not the first place I would have looked for ESL materials. IELTS Tutorials have a great little ebay shop where you can download everything you need instantly for fast IELTS preparation and they are not expensive at $9.99 (current price as I write) for the lot (especially considering how much you will save on hours of lessons by doing it yourself!). The Audio Listening Test includes:

Audio materials in different formats (monologues, dialogues with 2 speakers, dialogues with 3 and more speakers)

Tape scripts for the audio materials

Training Questions to the audio texts

Answer keys to all training questions

A variety of training audio materials in different English language accents.

I think other Advanced students would benefit from these during their course too. Unlike CPE and ECPE Prep materials I have found that IELTS materials offer a lot more explanation and practical advice on how to tackle the test.

Here”s the link (use a right-click to make sure you don’t lose this page:

For General and Academic IELTS Listening Tests on ebay Click Here

For latest listings of IELTS Practice Tests at Abe Books go here:


5 thoughts on “IELTS Listening Tests

  1. Hi Gina,

    My IELTS students specifically need help with the diagram labelling and table filling task types. Do these get good coverage on the listening material mentioned here?


  2. Hi Chris, i’m away on a trip at the moment so can’t have a look at my set. I think the shop sells some full materials as well as the listening. You should find the Writing materials cover this, probably in the Academic version. I think I also have some links at home on my own computer…I’ll put up a new page of online IELTS materials when I get back.

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