Daily Words 12

Here are the words for today:

chart n.  detailed map used to help navigation at sea, showing coasts, rocks, the depth of the sea, etc

comprise v. have as parts or members; be made up of

construct v.  build (sth); put or fit together; form

converse v. ~ (about sth); ~ (together) (fml ) talk

hypothesis n. idea or suggestion that is based on known facts and is used as a basis for reasoning or further investigation

link n.  one ring or loop of a chain

percent %

attitude n.  ~ way of thinking or behaving

bulk n.  size, quantity or volume, esp when great

insert v. ~ sth put, fit, place sth into sth or between two things

odd adj.  strange; unusual; peculiar

section n.  any of the parts into which sth may be or has been divided


All the Daily Words posts are collected together on the Daily Words page.


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