Daily Words 13 – Youth Crime Special

Today’s Daily Words are from the Sky News article Tackling Youth Crime – Through Boxing that I posted yesterday

tearaway     philanthropist    funding     debate     initiative    transform     gangster    gang culture

intervene     to tackle head on      mainstream      excluded    disaffected    to turn your life around

law-abiding      crimewave     work ethic   donor    negotiate


With these words and the ideas gained from reading the article and watching the videos you will have made a big step towards preparation for a wide variety of typical exam tasks.

For further work on this topic try using the keyword search facility at elllo.org.

I found this one by searching for “gangs”


You could also try things like ‘crime’ or ‘sport’ –  use your imagination with this great resource from Todd at Elllo.

Gaining a powerful vocabulary is an essential task for anyone who hopes to gain an  ESL qualification. If you don’t work at it seriously and steadily day by day you will not be ready to produce the level of work an Advanced exam or gain a top grade in your Intermediate paper. Passing English’s Daily Words lists are carefully successful to help you make the best of the time you spend learning vocabulary and to be sure that you are learning exactly the right words to pass your exams.

All the Daily Words posts are collected together on the Daily Words page.


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