Daily Words 15

Hello everyone,

Here are today’s Daily Words for students preparing for all advanced and intermediate English exams. How are you doing? When you learn these words do you use your dictionary tools to discover the different forms of the words? What about synonyms?

likewise adv. similarly

parameter n. quantity that does not vary in a particular case but does vary in other cases

psychology n. science or study of the mind and how it functions

assign v. ~ sth to sb give sth to sb as a share of work to be done or of things to be used

commission n. ~ action, task or piece of work given to sb to do

diverse adj. of different kinds; varied

document n. paper, form, book, etc giving information about sth, evidence or proof of sth

entity n. thing with distinct and real existence

environment n. conditions, circumstances, etc affecting people’s lives

erode v. destroy or wear (sth) away gradually

intelligence n. power of learning, understanding and reasoning; mental ability

justify v. show that (sb/sth) is right, reasonable or just

incentive n. ~ thing that encourages sb to do sth; stimulus


All the Daily Words posts are collected together on the Daily Words page.


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