Daily Words 16

Hello again!

Sorry there haven’t been any Daily Words for a while. I’ve been away on a working trip which went on a bit longer than I anticipated mostly because of the weather. You might have seen that we had heavy snow in Greece – that meant no boats so I got stuck on a neighbouring island (which was good fun in good company) but left you all without your Daily Words. Oh dear!

So here they are:

promote to contribute to the growth or prosperity of: to further

select v. ~ sb/sth choose sb/sth, esp as being the best or most suitable

sole n. flat sea-fish that is eaten as food

unique adj.  being the only one of its type

version n.  account of an event, etc from the point of view of one person

controversy n. ~ public discussion or argument, often rather angry, about sth which many people disagree with

decade n. period of ten years

detect v. discover or recognize that (sth) is present

distort v.  pull or twist out of its usual shape

formula n. (chemistry ) set of symbols showing the elements that a substance is made of


All the Daily Words posts are collected together on the Daily Words page.


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