Daily Words 17

Here are the words for today. This is the 17th Daily Words post. All the words are in these lists have been chosen because they are the ones that really do turn up regularly in advanced exams including CPE, ECPE, CAE, IELTS and TOEFL and are useful for FCE and ECCE. They are the kinds of words that you do not learn in any specific topic (see my page of Topic Vocabulary) and are possibly a bit more difficult to learn. It’s very worthwhile to do the small number I post here every day.

sustain           v.  bear (weight) without breaking or falling

whereas           conj  taking into consideration the fact that …

appreciate        v.  understand and enjoy (sth); value highly

distribute        v.  ~ sth separate sth into parts and give a share to each person or thing

exceed            v. be greater or more numerous than (esp a quantity)

nevertheless      adv, conj in spite of this; however; still

offset            v. ~ sth (by sth/doing sth) compensate for sth; balance sth

panel             n.  separate, usu rectangular, part of the surface of a door, wall, ceiling, etc, usu raised above or sunk below the surrounding area

theme             n.  subject of a talk, a piece of writing or a person’s thoughts; topic

underlie          v.  lie or exist beneath (sth)

instruct          to direct to do something; order

 These lists are ideal for using with the dictionary and vocabulary learning tools I recommend:

Pop-up Dictionary and Ultimate Vocabulary

With Pop-up Dictionary English speakers can also use the lists for any other language they are learning by downloading the relevant dictionary files from Pop-up’s website.

Download Ultimate Vocabulary Success Edition here (Free 90 day trial)

Download a free 21 day trial of Pop-up Dictionary here

Pop-up Dictionary is the best translation dictionary for over 60 ancient and modern languages and makes it possible not only to look up a translation for any word you can see on your computer screen but to store it so you can be sure to learn it. You can customise it so it’s large and bright and it makes it MUCH faster and easier to look up words which encourages you to do more reading and writing. It’s a good tool for dyslexics struggling to train their minds to accept more words and more accuracy – you will find that by customising the dictionary with large fonts on a nice coloured background it will help you a great deal. Say each letter out loud so that you get your ears to work as well as your eyes. All good!!!

Ultimate Vocabulary software uses 7 key strategies to make your quest for a great vocabulary interesting, fast and effective. It’s packed with features to help you enjoy gaining a true and deep understanding of the words you learn so that you use them confidently and never forget them. For instance you could use it to explore the ‘families’ of the words you learn each day (very important for the Derivatives task in CPE but also for many other questions)

Go to Pop-up to find the free dictionary files in your own language. (See the menu tab marked “Dictionaries” on the left hand side.)

All the Daily Words posts are collected together on the Daily Words page.


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