Daily Words 18

Hello to everyone who is working their way through my Daily Words posts. Here are the words for today:

integrity n. quality of being honest and morally upright

intervene v. (of time) come or be between

mature adj. fully grown or developed mentally or physically; having achieved one’s full potential

site n. place where a building, town, etc was, is, or will be situated

clause n. group of words that includes a subject1(4a) and a verb, forming a sentence or part of a sentence

convert v. ~ (sth) (from sth) (into/to sth) change (sth) from one form or use to another

currency n. money system in use in a country

deviate v. ~ from sth stop following

incline v. ~ towards sth lean or slope in the direction of sth

overall adj. including everything; total

principal adj. first in rank or importance; chief; main

These are all words that are great to know for any English examination. For IELTS, CPE and ECPE they are essential. For Topic Vocabulary get a good start here.

There’s also this page which is full of Vocabulary resources for all levels.


We’ve done about 25% of the list now. Courage Mes Amis!! Onward and Upward!


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