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About this blog and me

My name is Gina and I a former English teacher and also artist. I live in Greece on an island in the Aegean. I love it.

Back when I was teaching English I created this blog to help students to have more fun studying for their essential English examinations and spend less money. I loved teaching English but was really concerned to realise how much money families had to find to get their young people through the vital exams.

I believe that learning English is costing too many families too much money and too many course books and language schools are making students bored, confused and demotivated. Learning any language CAN of course be interesting, exciting and inspirational but the fact is that for many people all over the world an English qualification is vital for their  future  regardless of whether they want to learn it or have the resources or time. If this sounds like you my goal is to help you.

I’ve been searching the Web for more than a year now and I’ve found hundreds of brilliant resources for English Learners. I believe that students (and their families) could save lots of time and money by making use of Internet resources but they need some help to find these things and to work out how to apply it to their real courses. I can help!

You will see from the posts already here that I am trying to give lots of complete tasks so that anytime you want to work a bit on your English you can come here and find an interesting and valuable way to spend your study time.

The main focus is PRACTICE. Too many books give too many complicated explanations and not enough opportunity to DO what you need to learn until you really have learned it.

Most of the resources here are FREE but I will be recommending just a few products to buy. Not just any products though, If I recommend it, it is because it is a really useful tool and probably one you can use for the rest of your life and share with your family.
Other things about me:
I am a painter.  I would be delighted if you went to have a look at my Zazzle store where you can buy prints and cards of my pictures:

If you like what you find here perhaps you would consider buying me a coffee? :-)))  Go to this independent page to donate safely and securely via Paypal: #


Have fun and Practice your English every day!

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16 thoughts on “About Me and this Site

  1. Great work and commendable intentions. I’ve been teaching on this island since Sept. (looking at a min of 2 more years) and I can tell you resources are in shortest supply! Way to go! I’ll pass this site around. Currently looking for listenings in mp3 frmt for single candidates of ecce-ecpe. Hints extremely welcome! Thanks!

  2. thxxx gina
    you are doing a nice job
    i also try to help students online if i can help you in your work i will be glad my email is abu_sandra@hot
    iam going to uk for my master but i will try to be in touch with you
    kind regards

    c u soon

  3. Wow Martin, that’s amazing. I look forward to following your blog. This site is becoming increasingly multilingual so keep checking in!

  4. Dear madam, i just have seen this site.it appears so great. ialso want to learn a lot about english.in fact my doubt the usage has been and had been prompted for this search. will u pl.enlighten. than q

  5. i want to learn english in fruently. i can’t understand well. if you have any idea to learn english please i want to your help for me

  6. Thanks for ur effort
    i am from pakistan and i love ur thinking about teaching those people who have not much money to learn english. i also like to learn english and i like ur way thanks once again

  7. Thank you Mani, I really wish I had time to do more here, especially for writing and reading. Sadly, I am a bit busy trying to make a living!! I have lots of ideas but no time unfortunately. Good luck with your studies and I hope some of this stuff helps.

  8. I found your website when I was trying to explain to my 8 year old how to use ‘s and s’. I wasn’t exactly sure myself. Your site explained it perfectly. Thanks!!! I will put you in my favorites.

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