All The Grammar You Will Ever Need

There are some amazing Grammar resources on the Web but finding them can be a bit of a challenge.

On this page I have collected links to the Index pages of some of the best sites on the Web – the ones I return to again and again. If you want to find information and exercises on ANY particular Grammar point try some of these pages – you are sure to find what you need to sort out your problem. At the bottom of the page you will find links to my pages where I have collected resources to make it easy for you to study your particular problems.

Here is a site that I use a lot. There are no explanations only exercises. I think it is fantastic. This link takes you to the Home page where you can choose from Grammar Easy, Medium and Difficult. The medium level is where most of the most useful exercises are. The Vocabulary sections are also marvellous.

A great place to start.

This is a very useful Grammar Index page which has a full range of Grammar exercises which you can print or do online including plenty that are suitable for Advanced students at Using English

I really like this site at ego4u. This is the Grammar Index page. It covers everything an Intermediate student needs and Advanced students should make sure they can do it all.

Here are the resources offered by the University of British Columbia’s ELC Study Zone organised in order of difficulty:



Upper Intermediate

Grammar Cat

If you think that cat has anything right you had better do some more exercises…..>>

There is a good selection of short Grammar Lessons with explanations and exercises here at 5-minute English

This is Eclectic English’s Index page. Scroll down for the Grammar options. Not that many but very useful explanations with exercises to follow.

Here is the Grammar Index at ESL Gold On the right hand side of the page you can choose from Low Beginning, High Beginning, Low Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced

The Guide to Grammar and Writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation. Go to the following page which has links to the whole site and click on the Index button in the middle of the display. You will find the biggest list of Grammar Resources you have ever seen in your life. Those links take you to explanation pages which are probably best for advanced students. They are beautifully written though and full of amusing ideas. Each page has plenty of links to excellent relevant exercises or you can look for those via the Home page.

My Ultimate Guides for solving particular problems:

Linking Words gives you a big selection of exercises to help you become a confident user of all those little words which link sentences (and change the meaning so it is vital to know them well for Cloze and Comprehension exercises.

Many students find Prepositions a complete nightmare. By the time you have finished the exercises on this page you should find things easier. If not, do them again!

Articles (A, An, The) are another source of many mistakes in writing and speaking. Use this page to put that problem behind you

Here’s a tutorial page with lots of exercises to make you an expert user of the Verb to Be

Lots of help with Gerunds and Infinitives

Whut? Cat from

If you are having a problem understanding anything here use PopUp Dictionary the best desktop dictionary to quickly find any word you select. Get a free download of PopUp Dictionary

Thanks for the nice cat pictures to

It’s where I go to cheer myself up when I’ve had too much Grammar!


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