Daily Words

Here are links to all the posts with Daily Words so if you want to start at the beginning or revise it will be easy for you.

The words in the lists below are absolutely essential for all Advanced Students working for CAE, CPE, ECPE, IELTS or TOEFL. They are the sort of words one doesn’t really think of learning – general, rather formal words for instance, but my students and I agree that this is a perfect list – we really do see exactly these words in exam practice materials all the time. I think there are about 500 or so altogether and if you do a little every day you will really experience a big improvement in your performance in all aspects of exam work.

As ever I strongly recommend using the following tools for Vocabulary work:

Pop-up Dictionary is for translation to and from your language to English (you can also get free files for any other language you are learning). I recommend it because it is has the best testing and customisation features. It has helped me very much learning Greek for instance. One word of caution: when you first download the software it is preset to make a horrible noise every 5 minutes. You should switch it off immediately! I nearly had a heart attack the first time mine did it to me. Download it here

Ultimate Vocabulary is a very enjoyable and interesting to use Vocabulary learning tool which is useful for teachers as well as students as you can create tests with it. I looked at about half a dozen (6) similar pieces of software and this was the nicest and best value for money. Download the Success version, which I think is the best one here.

There’s no need to pay for an excellent and fully comprehensive English-English dictionary. Use The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online I have mine in the favourites bar of my browser so I can get at it easily during a lesson if a student needs a definition or we want to find other versions of the same word.

Finally, a great and very fast tool for finding definitions, synonyms, antonyms and more is Rhymezone That’s in my favourites bar too.

Between those 4 tools you have everything you need to develop and really learn the words you need not just for exams but for any time you need an English word in work or life.I guarantee you will use them long after you have gained your certificate.

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Daily Words 9

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