ECCE Listening

 I’m still working on this page.  Find out where to get Michigan ECCE Practice Listening Tests here

What’s in the test

How to prepare:

What kind of questions – recognise them and do better

Common themes

Use dictation exercises to help yourself learn to concentrate and differentiate

Money and time

Sample tests

You have to buy some more, there isn’t enough on the Internet


3 thoughts on “ECCE Listening

  1. LOL! I agree Adrianna, especially the second part. One tip about Part 2 of ECCE Listening is that they are usually about some sort of tour of a ‘place of interest’. Questions are likely to involve things about opening times and prices, discounts for groups, regulations for visitors and that sort of thing. Times and dates will be expressed differently in the question to the text so think about that.
    But the main part will be about the history or activity of the place itself. You will often hear them telling about something that a lot of people believe but is not the case, something else is true.
    One thing you can do to help revise is to take 3 or 4 of the Listening tests you have done in class and using the answers and the transcript if you have it (see the back of the book) search the answers for examples of the kind of questions I mention. Look for TYPES of questions. You may be surprised how much this reveals and helps you.
    Another good tip is to look for websites which talk about USA tourist attractions and places of historical interest and read up on them. Get a bit of knowledge of US history for instance. You will learn a lot of useful vocabulary for Listening and Reading topics and gain familiarity with the topic. Here in Greece I think our tourist attractions are a lot less organised – you arrive and walk in, you don’t have to know a long set of rules and prices.
    Teachers will benefit from analysing the questions in Listening Part 2 and figuring out what the examiners are really testing.

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