Michigan ECCE Course

This is the basic course you can follow using the resources on this site.


See this post for information on where to get ECCE Practice Test materials 

1. Work on basic grammar skills using internet exercises. Practice is more important than studying units. Work hard to correct your most common mistakes and bad habits. Say every correct sentence out loud. Realise it is the basics that lose people the most marks.

2. Get the tools to gain the vocabulary you need and really learn it. 3 Dictionaries and some Vocabulary software that is worth spending money on. Organise your computer for your English studies. Develop a daily routine.

3. Look at the kind of questions that turn up in Reading and understand how recognising them will help you work quickly and accurately. Develop strategies for dealing with the Reading paper that really can help. Know how to work through the paper quickly step by step without missing anything important.

4. Study sentence structure and parts of speech. Understand why this is important for accurately answering questions in Reading and Listening (as well as Use of English, especially in other exam formats) and for correcting your own writing.

5. Study topics using the method Look at Vocab > Listen to relevant recordings > Read articles > Learn vocabulary more seriously > Use vocab tools to increase the number of words you learn an constantly test yourself > Study issues relating to topics and think about the kind of questions you might need to have an opinion about > prepare a spoken presentation > Write a composition.

6. Work on your writing using a guide based on common mistakes. Understand how learning good structures for your compositions will help you write faster not more slowly in the exam. Use methods common in IELTS tutorials but not usually found to help people studying for ECCE to develop a fast method for writing the three types of tasks found in the ECCE.

7. The ECCE Speaking Exam requires you to ask questions not just answer them. Sort out all your bad habits with the Interrogative form. Be glad you studied topics properly. Have a speaking lesson. Do some role play practice to help you be confident about discussing a subject with someone else.

8. Use dictation mp3s to help you increase your concentration for the Listening Exam. Analyse the types of questions you will hear to help you know what to expect. Find common patterns in the difficult second part of the exam. Learn and practise words and phrases about time and money. Practise, practise, practise. Be glad you studied topics properly.


7 thoughts on “Michigan ECCE Course

  1. I do would like to know the avarage to pass in Michigan ECCE test with merit.
    I look foward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Yours faithfully,

  2. Hi Leo
    It is very difficult to find free materials for Michigan ECCE Test Practice.
    The best resources I know are in this article:


    There is also a link to that article in my post on this blog:


    I have linked to page 2 where all the test links are – some of them are free but there are also links to places to buy books.

    Of all the English exams Michigan has the least resources and I wish I had time to make some myself. Sadly I have too much work to do!

    However, the most important thing you can do to improve your test result is to concentrate on basic Grammar – you will find plenty here to help you. Do as many exercises as you can and try hard to become PERFECT with things like the verb ‘Be’, Gerunds and Infinitives and so on. These are the things that lose people the most marks.

  3. Hello Silvana
    There is information on how the ECCE test is scored on this page:

    (that is the University of Michigan’s English Language Institute’s webpage.)

    You should aim for at least 65% on all the papers. A B (Pass) grade (better than a C ‘Low Pass’) would require that you score higher in some papers.

    I strongly believe that the most useful thing you can do to improve your score is to work very hard on basic grammar. Most marks are lost because although people have a good enough command of English for everyday purposes they are very inaccurate with things like the verb ‘Be’ and Prepositions. The resources on this blog are intended to help people improve these things in order to get those important extra marks. Improving vocabulary is also very important!

    Sorry it has taken me some time to reply. Sadly I have very little time for this blog at the moment as I am working very hard!

  4. hi gina!
    i`m from Argentina, Içm sitting for the exam this day. I wolud like to know if the test has any impotance in the USA. is it easy to pass?
    thank you

  5. Hello Nati
    Good luck with the test. Yes it is recognised in the USA as a qualification. I think most people who pass the test can be expected to communicate enough in English to be able to cope with ordinary life. If you want to go to university or study there you need to take the higher level test ECPE (or alternatively get an IELTs score of 6 or 7 or a CPE pass or better.

    As for ECCE being easy….difficult to say. Depends how good your basic skills are. Best not to worry now if you are just about to take it for the first time – just think lucky thoughts!!! Come back and tell us how you get on. If successful we will congratulate you and if not we can figure out what you need to do. Hope it goes well.

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