Topic Vocabulary


Here’s a set of links to vocabulary quizzes arranged by most of the key topics for Michigan and Cambridge English exams. It’s a good idea to do a set before you start writing a composition or other topic based exercise and then try to use as many of the words you have learned as you can. Most people find that by working on some topic vocabulary they get some good ideas for things to write or say on the subject.


Don’t forget you can easily select words that you don’t know to look up in your Pop-up Dictionary and add to your personal tests or add them to your Ultimate Vocabulary work sets.

As well as the Topic Vocabulary here it is really a good idea to use the Vocab lists on Daily Words 
I’m posting new vocabulary resources all the time and if you look on the Daily Words page you will see that there are already some special editions which go with some nice little topic lessons based on some interesting materials. The Daily Words themselves are words which don’t fit into Topics easily and are therefore often overlooked in class. To be honest a lot of them are quite boring words but they are definitely absolutely essential. That’s why it is a good idea to do a few each day.


Sport and Fitness (American Football)


Cats Can’t Spell and Have Terrible Grammar








Crime and Law


Environment (no quiz – use Pop-up)



City Life




Cats Can’t Spell and Have Terrible Grammar



Travel and Tourism Directions


Jetset Cat


Leisure and Entertainment

Culture and the Arts



Newspapers and the Media




Home and Family









Cats Can’t Spell and Have Terrible Grammar


Holidays and Celebrations


Security and Safety

Cats Can’t Spell and Have Terrible Grammar







If you like crosswords this one is for you! It’s organised by topics covering most of the ones you need for Michigan and Cambridge exams.


Cats Can’t Spell and Have Terrible Grammar


Well, it’s not all here but this should keep you going for a bit!! I’ll try and add some useful reading pieces to each topic to help you get ideas for compositions.



6 thoughts on “Topic Vocabulary

  1. I do really want to give you many thanks for your help. This page is such a great help for me to lear and get ready for my Ecce exam.

    I just want to thanks a lot again.

    Talk to you soon.


  2. Wow, thanks Manuel – it is brilliant to hear that all this is actually helping people! Do check out the Daily Words pages too…there are some links to some special Topic lessons on there (you can see the ones I mean if you look on the list – I give them names instead of just numbers. The new one on Youth Crime is perfect for ECCE.
    I’m putting as much as I can on here as fast as I can because I know there is a big need for help that connects to the way that people actually have to study for the exams – especially ECCE. It’s going to take time but eventually this will be a complete resource. Thank you very much for the encouragement! Good luck and let me know if there are particular things you are looking for – I can’t promise but you never know what I might be able to find.

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